Changes in the game

I feel more irritared every time I play this game. Not just how the treasure shrine has changed, how difficult it is to win a game without paying extra 6,000 or 9,000 for extra cards, but my biggest peeve is when you “win” 30 minutes of free play…an ad after every game ? How many games can you actually play, with ads 15 minutes ? I want to support my team, I use the double red stars whenever I play (daily) but come on. Is there any point in addressing concerns here ? Does anyone in game development actually read this feedback? How do the rest of you feel ?



The pop up ads between every game have gotten out of hand, my issue tho is the game is SO glitchy it’s nearly impossible to play, let alone get any sort of a rhythm going.


I agree with you completely. 30 min freeplay with ads after games, add to it when the adsjust flicker or freeze and wont close, have no exit, you have to close the game to get the ad off the screen, reload the game and free time is then GONE… . it’s all a MESS!


I totally agree with you on this!

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I also get irritated with the ads popping up every few seconds it seems, especially when you’re supposed to be working on your 30 minutes of something free. Really? I also get booted out randomly. Love the game itself but it’s becoming very frustrating. Also, my club leader has never removed any members, even though they haven’t played in almost a year…how can a club survive?


They may read it, but even direct complaints are ignored. Sadly! The game is rapidly losing it’s fun factor


Bobsie, it sounds like you should seriously think about moving to a different club.

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Bobsie, Come join… Best club ever

Its not about the club, its about the play. If we spend, they want us to spend more. It gets harder and harder to win games without extra coins. Snogrl has a definite point. And the creators and those that create the forum room tend not to read what we the players and payers have to say.

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Totally agree! When I first started playing, about 2 years ago, it wasn’t this bad! I’ve apologized to my team leader for not playing so much (play every day, not as long now), but the pop up ads, game kicking off and having to re-enter, is just too much for my blood pressure!! The ads and sale’s pitches after every game is killing my enjoyment of the game.

I get 4-5 ad pop-ups at beginning of day. And yes, it interferes with the 30 minute free play, etc. I think this happens when you’re not connected to Facebook. I have another nic I hardly play anymore that is connected to Facebook and it doesn’t get those pop-up ads.

I don’t know what you are all talking about with the ads popping up but maybe it’s true that you need to connect through Facebook. We don’t get pop up ads.


I have a acct not connected to Apple/Facebook I get a lot pop ups on that game, this device is also older.
On my newer connected device I hardly see pop ups.

Yep, it happens EVERY time. Do they really think we don’t notice? Geesh!

Unfortunately, ad-free playing isn’t free. Don’t remember if TriPeaks has that feature but I’ve played games that offer ad-free play, but u hv to pull out ur debit/credit card for that luxury, so I just “grin & bear it.” Worst is when we start what promises to be long, drawn out event when we hardly even hv enuf to do tributes. That knocks out some 5 min (more, if all this happens on Thurs.) of free play, double stars or golden tiki. Too bad they don’t hv compassion to offer us option to start when we want so we cn enjoy full measure of free play.

Yes, the game has gotten progressively worse in the past year. They don’t even try to fix the bugs anymore. Everybody is experiencing continual resets in the middle or if you just won a game, it suddenly resets.

Last fall everybody hated the scavenger hunts and players stopped playing because they wouldn’t get rid of them. For a while they cut back on the scavenger hunts. But now it is all scavenger hunts and win new levels for almost all the events even though the players hate them. They try to disguise the scavenger hunts as find the emeralds, leaves or whatever. It is a scavenger hunt. We hate them.

And they expect new players to put up with a game that constantly resets? Who wants to play a buggy game. Most of us left are here because of our clubs. If not for the club, I would be long gone by now.

Where are the moderators and how can they contact the powers that be to fix this piece of garbage that they try to pass off now as a great game. It used to be a great game, but is now far from that. Just keep on rolling out more new features that create more crashes. That seems to be the logic here. As of the end of this year, if there aren’t drastic changes, I will be leaving.

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It makes no difference if you are connected FB or not it is just they do different updates for different players

Moderators are players helping players here.
Sending a feedback ticket threw the game helps developers know your frustration with the game.
I have sent a few feedbacks in the last year.
And yes I agree -lost events are a burn out lately and they do need to focus on bugs/glitches but I still find the game fun and like you said it’s a great team that helps in that!
The more feedbacks they get on the same issues I believe would raise some concern. Best of luck!

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My game crashes and resets all the time. Multiple times a day. If I sent a report every time it happened, it would be a significant percentage of my play time. There is no excuse for this garbage being rolled out. I stopped playing the competition because that makes it even worse. The company is greedy and with the game in the condition it is, that is rediculous.