Changed payout on glowing grotto levels, changed level 39 completely

I am very annoyed and frustrated that the amount of coins and club points awarded for glowing grotto levels was drastically reduced. They went from paying out 6000+ coins and 150+ club points to just over 3000 coins and less than 100 club points. These used to be my favorite levels to play because there is skill involved in using the hold card and that suit tiki totem thing. Now it’s nearly impossible to build a coin stash! I’m sure other levels were changed too, but these were the most obvious to me because I played them all the time. They also completed changed level 39 on volcano beach. That was another good paying level that no longer pays well. I now have no doubt that what people say is true, they monitor what we say and change levels that are said to payout well!


I agree that they have changed the pay outs etc it’s so frustrating