Catching POI contests are Lame

Your POI catching contests are lame. First I got ripped the other day when the contest was catch POI twice for 4 wild cards. You reset my counter to zero after I caught POI so you owe me those 4 wild cards. Then today I caught POI for the double prize and the prizes were 500 and 1000. That’s weak! Give some real prizes when we’re spending thousands of coins on your contests.


My levels are locked so I can’t even catch POI


Me too! So very annoying


I never bother with the POI contests especially once I got to the Tiki Paradise levels. Takes far too many games to win and if you have to move out of your current level he moves farther away.


Poi is a waste unless it’s double poi day. It’s the only time I chase him

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I don’t even try to catch Poi. Half of the time I go to collect my points and they won’t give them to me.

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Same here. It’s very frustrating