Casual team players needed

Looking for players to join a club with easy rules. No 48 hours idle and play tributes. Team name is “No Pressure” with Claudia as the leader. Anyone interested? Come join! :blush:

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I’ll join your team as long as there’s not a lot of pressure on me to play. I don’t understand much about the different things and places. Just like to play solitaire!

Hey there! The rules are pretty relaxed.
200 club points before first idle.
No 48 hours idle
Must play at least 1 round of tributes day.
No pressure on club quests, digging, or other games

Just don’t go idle longer than 2 days and play tributes. I don’t really care how many points you make a day.

Come join and ask questions in chat if you need anything😊

Hi there. Check out Team B. We are a casual team. Only requirements are complete Club Quests and collect Tributes. We play the Race game, but NOT a requirement. If idle longer than 3 days you may be removed unless you contact Leader of when you will resume playing. Please check us out. Happy playing.