Casual player looking for a new club

I play daily and would like to start getting better club rewards


Check here, seems a lot of club are looking for members, you might find one that suits you. Scroll down and reply to those who have opening or send them a message by clicking on their name.


Come check us out! We get Goldie within 24 hrs from reset. We get all perks & the special perk. Couch Potatoes

Hi. Salty crew, gold level. We lost several players for an assortment of reasons. We were getting 5 chests weekly and need to get back there. Just got a few new team players and would welcome you. No drama, but please use chat and play your available Tribute games!

Hi team player! You are who Merry’s Misfits is looking for! I require every day play, 15,000 cp and 100 tributes, per week. Playing cq, opening cg every time they come up. Playing cc (the digging game) is optional, but if you qualify, you have to play all the way through. Our team is a friendly team, we stick together in our efforts, we have become a family. Honestly, I won’t lie, we have had problems keeping people. I just removed 4 non players. Another player got upset that I removed that many player’s without getting replacement. So she left, not understanding if they don’t play, they hurt us not help us. She was a good player, but you can’t please everyone. I am trying to be upfront and honest with you, but I do hope you will join Merry’s Misfits!

Would love for you to join us. “Just Playing” platinum, logo has tongue sticking out!