Casual player looking for a club

I do play every day. I do play for tributes and would like to win the gems every one in a while. Need some place to land

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Hi there, have a look at Going up. If you play every day and collect Tributes, you are an ideal for for us. We do get Gems regularly. Please join us :slight_smile:

** ideal fit for us **

Hi, I tried to find you. There are 2 clubs with this name and I did not see you in either of them. Can you tell me which one it is?

Sorry, just found you and sent a request to join

Can’t see your request, unless the co-leader has already accepted it?

How can I tell if it is accepted?

I just saw my acceptance. Thank you.

Beach lovers . Laid back team . Very friendly. We communicate well . Come tr

Beach lovers … we are a very friendly team with lots of good players .

Please land with Rikki-Tiki-Tavi. You sound like a dream player.



Your welcome to join Dog lovers :0) I’m Sara

we’d love to have you at PP Casual. We are looking for daily players that play tributes and read chat and communicate. We are a platinum team (sometimes drop to gold when we are short players.) get 6 to 7 perks a week. come check us out

questers is where you should be then. look us up…“questers”

If you have not decided on a group yet, I think you would enjoy our club. We are caring and supportive people as well as players. We have good teamwork and camaraderie. Our team name is Angels Above and we are in the Gold League. Check us out. We participate in the tributes challenges and the competitions. If you choose us - tell “them Bonnie sent you.” lol

Join friends ur us love to have you

We are a busy team of working people, but we play every day unless there is a reason not to & thats ok, chilled but competitive team we go from gold to platinum, ups & downs, but we do stick together if you are interested Summer bay is our name & we will welcome you!

Please try Crater, we are looking for every day players with a name.

Hi! I belong to Groovy Living and we are exactly what you are looking for! Easy, laid back, no pressure. Give us a peek .

Perilous Peaks needs a couple of new players. We are a great team.