CARD SHARKS needs a daily player!

CARD SHARKS needs a consistent, daily player. We’re a fun group with few rules. If you play daily and don’t just pop in to grab coins, come check us out! :):grin:


WHAT’S YOUR minimum ? Due to new updates and A very Slow Kindle, i can only do 17k tops! And that’s with a Medium Weekly Club gift, sometimes, also a small Cg!!

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No minimum. Just no idle over 30 hours without notice, and play perks as ordered. I usually go over 30k, some are just over 5k. Mainly we don’t want people that come once a day, get a few points, grab bonuses, and disappear.


I’m looking to find an active team. The one I’m on right now isn’t very active and I feel like I’m the only one contributing, but I’m afraid to leave and go to another team for fear for getting booted (which has happened) or starting my own and no one joining.

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We have an opening right now!

Would love to join in! There are multiple groups named Card Sharks, so I’m not sure how to find you all!

It’s CARD SHARKS, all caps.

Requested! Thanks for your help!

If you could please send me an invite when you have an opening again, I’d appreciate it.

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Hi Lizzy did you find a team you are happy with

I did! They are great!

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Am interested in joining your club.

How do you chat in game?

I play all the time I’m in a club that doesn’t have many active players would like to join your vlub