Card auto play! Not happy

Anyone else notice that cards are auto playing. Really screwing up some of my strategic plays… total annoying. I don’t mind the auto play if you are winning and it just completes the game quickly as in other solitaire games. But making decisions for me in the middle of the game is not right!

Sorry to Hear you are having a issue…
I haven’t seen or noticed that on any of my games…
By chance it wasn’t a card from your deck clearing red or black only?


Wow…that’s a new one. I have never seen nor heard of that happening.

No! I have not heard about that one either!


I have that and on occasion the game played my wildcards (1 to 5 wildcards!) all on it’s on. I purposefully hold ghe game in my right hand with my thimb under the phone so I avoid touching the overly sensitive icon.

That is happening to me too! Playing along get ready to tap a card, next thing I know cards are flying from the field!!! It’s annoying! Placement of undo and the other 2 need to be moved to the top too!