Cant win a game

Anybody notice you cannot win a game for nothing you would think they were paying you with real money, getting tired of it


They’ve got the game programmed that way on purpose. It’s supposed to make players spend more money. In reality, it makes people play less. Maybe some day they’ll figure it out


All of a sudden i dont get any perks that they give out everyday. Plus i got charged $120.00 on some dumb cards that i never purchased. Its bull!!

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Yes, we’ve been talking about in my club. They have obviously changed their algorithms. I quit playing.


Denise L.
I just started playing in July 2020. I’m going to stop playing because, you can only win if you buy Volcanoes and Wild Cards. I think that its outrageous to to have to pay 6,000 coins just for 5 more cards! Now I’m not getting my Perks.