Cant logout of facebook

I cant logout of the account linked to my Facebook. Everytime I try, it just restarts with my Facebook account. I don’t want to stay logged in with facebook.


@Jenaltman80, I have that problem on 1 of my devices. Never have been able to log out.

That’s on my Samsung S5, but I have another S5 that I can log out on with no problem.

It works on my other 3 devices. I wondered if it’s some app or something I have installed on that device.

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You will need to remove the game in Facebook doesn’t matter if you are on mobile or the app, only that will get rid of the connection 100 percent. As the game is a third party app, here are instructions on the bottom of the page. May I suggest while you’re in that section you may want to poke around and see what else you connected. This is a wonderful site for privacy concerns. Scroll to bottom past article. EDIT: You do have the option to tweak your settings vs deleting it. What I psonally did was just get rid of everything but this and another game and maybe 3 other apps I use, and most of them I unchecked the friend part, though I must note I have increased my game bank through coin sharing with ppl I’ve met on here. It

PS. You may want to make sure the game is closed.


Wow @jessnc, I never thought of doing that! I’ll give that a try.

To simplify that article:

Go into FB -->
Account Settings -->
Apps -->
Apps, Websites and Games -->
Turn off.

I would imagine we’ll have to turn it back on to allow apps (and this forum) to let us sign in using FB.


Ty Cindy! I believe so. You know when you connect an application for the first time and FB asks you if you want to grant permission? That notification will pop up, and you can also choose your settings at that point before you hit “yes.”