Can't find my friend - help!

My mother in law plays this game and we can’t find each other in the app. I have connected with her on my FB and on messenger and it still does not allow me to find her under the “TriPeaks Friends” tab as I previously read about checking. Any advice??

Thank you!

Click on the clubhouse, than the discover tab, it will list clubs that have your friends in other clubs

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When I clicked on the discover tab it only showed approximately 12 clubs and she’s not listed in any of them. Also, I can’t get any other clubs to load :-/ I have also tried logging out and logging back in to see if it was a glitch lol.

Keep scrolling, it will load more teams

Is your mother in law signed in to FB on the game? Maybe she is playing the game without hitting that sign into FB button?

My invite friends and friends on tripeaks has not worked for awhile. Sometimes searching for the clu works and sometimes not.
I lost a few friends who wanted to join my team because I cannot find them.
Best bet is search for the club she is in and click her name and invite.


The fb friends changed with the fb/Cambridge Analytica scandal. You have to re-authorize fb Tripeaks to access your friends list

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This would explain why my list just disappeared. I hadnt heard about this. Thanks very much!