Cancer Killers needs players!

Brand new team looking for daily players that can do over 35k per week! Was on a top 3 team and decided it was time to take the intensity down a few notches! If interested, come join us! i will be removing several people tonight and would love to add dedicated blood to the team!

I actually started this team for my best friend that is going thru intensive radiation and chemo for several brain tumors, she is legally blind at this point due to one of the tumors, but with a magnifier on her phone and special glasses she is able to do club requirements! She is the reason i stay playing the game!!

Search: Cancer Killers

Rules: new players 2k before idle, 35k+ per week, daily player, removed if idle over 18 hours. Play perks and check chat! “Guests” will be removed- i want to get to know people, not just play! So please use a name! Doesn’t even have to be your own!

Drama and stress free! If you are like many others, going for top 10 every week got to be more like a job! We are laid back, caring people that want to have a team full of positivity!


That’s wonderful of you! Best of luck finding the perfect players!