Can you thank someone if you forgot but wanted too?!

I forgot to hit thanks but I meant to the player was Trish probably! And I am on tiki lounge

You could thank them threw the chat in the game but they will not be awarded the thanks coins they get when you hit the thanks button


Let them know you missed or weren’t able to hit thanks. Then have them submit a ticket for the lost coins. I submitted a ticket. They reimbursed me when a teammate didn’t have a “thanks” to click on when I sent a gift.


Oh wow glad to hear, you @Laurel_T got reimbursed they told me there was nothing they could do about missing thanks coins…


@Laurel_T is this the first time you’ve received coins back in credit?
I wonder how many people are utilising in the contact button and completing the form and how many I just mentioning it on the Forum. Every time I have something go belly up, for example the app freezes in the middle of a game, I take a screenshot and fill out the form and send it in. I usually get a reply and the credit the next day unless it is the weekend. Even though they’re very quick. I submitted a few over the weekend and the first thing this morning I have the first credit of 20K in my inbox.
I find that they are extremely fair and very prompt at crediting you for any losses.

@TeamPokemonGo I use the help button within the game any time I have an issue. I’ve gotten a fair response every time. :slight_smile:


Me too :smile:. @Laurel_T they are always very fair.

I usually do also. Even though there were a few I didn’t have back up info for it. Meaning I didn’t have a screenshot. And a few I did. And I argued till I was blue in the face…lol
I gave up. But I actually did deserve what it was. But water under the bridge now…lol

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