Can’t win a game

Come on tri peaks y are you making it so difficult to win a game, gheez it’s not like your giving expensive prizes or anything. This is supposed to be fun not piss you off


l couldnt agree more. l have had to leave my team and play on a much lower level just to stay in the game


I agree! I have given up on digging because it eats your coins up, as well. Give us a break!!


I absolutely agree, the farther up you progress, harder it is to win a game, ridiculous !


Why is it that even if you win you lose coins?


Seems like they want us to use all of our coins just beat one level and take 3,000 just play your new level once you put money into the game


Boy, I thought I was the only one. I used to love playing the gem competition. But for the last 3 weeks, I can’t win. I only got 6 shovels last week and had to purchase extra coins to get them. I’m seriously thinking about not playing at all. It’s just too frustrating. The game is suppose to be fun. You’ve even.cut down on letting us win free coins. Give us a break or lose players.


Exactly I feel same way


Agreed, way to difficult anymore


I’m new to the forum but not new to the game. Sounds like most of the responses are from higher up players as some are mentioning gems, shovels etc and I don’t know what those are or how to use them. Having said that, I too have for the last couple of months been extremely annoyed with how easy it is to loose a game when I’ve been playing for a couple of years now and I am loosing way more games. Several times I got so p’ed off I almost threw my phone across the room. Had to seriously get a grip cuz Solitaire sure as hell wont buy me a new phone. I believe likely I will quit soon as the agitation I feel after playing is not worth it. As first comment said, it’s supposed to be fun and it use to be but not anymore. Been downloading other games til I find one that suits my purpose and then I’m outa here.


The gems and shovels they are talking about is in the Club Competition, which is a crock. I refuse to play it. It doesn’t give points to the team, which hurts the team’s standing.

Am seriously considering quitting this game for good. I’ve been playing for about 5 years and know firsthand how much this game has gone downhill. For one thing, it’s ANNOYING as hell. Constant pop-up commercials, HUGE sale ads and pop-up reminders about club competition, special perk, mini tikis…just on and on. It’s like TV commercials on steroids. Poi jumping across your cards every time you hit streaks, annoying. You can’t see the cards. Just before you hit the last card to win, they suddenly thought we needed the game telling us “Great job” with more fireworks . Problem is, have to then hit last card 2-3 times before it will go down. Just downright stupid. (Probably someone’s niece or nephew had that bright idea and they refuse to get rid of it). Then there are all the goofs in the game…freezing, crashing, cards not turning over. Have gotten to where I dread going into the game. It’s just not fun anymore. They are obviously more concerned about the graphics and look of the game than about taking care of the problems. And those big graphics and fireworks are a big part of the problem.

My player was suddenly deleted one day, and it started me over, for no known reason. I lost 1.5M coins, 55,000 gems and 10 large gift boxes. It has happened to others as well, so I think it was intentional. New players now only get 5k coins every 4 hours, while everyone else gets 15k. Now tell me how is that fair? I guarantee you, you can’t compete with people getting over 300k per week more than you. The people running this game are so ignorant and greedy, it’s mind boggling.

I have a second nic on another device on a small team. Since their last modification, it takes me 15-20 tries to get into game, if can get in at all. And I’m talking doing force stop and rebooting several times and reinstalling. Am just going to have to remove that player. But gee, as long as they put “curtains” in the quest area, who cares?

People need to go back to playing games with their family and friends. Gets rid of all the commercials and BS. Taking it out of the hands of the nutbags. Much more enjoyable.

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This Grammy played for stress release spent all my money and can’t win. I need to leave but love my team players

I feel the same way. Can’t hardly win anymore. Get 6 to 8 cards and they are like only 2 different ones and match nothing shiwing. Frustrating and happening two many times.

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Too f’n true, it’s ridiculous how much you can’t win, at times you get a good start, you have 1 card left to clear, you still have a good 10 to 15 cards left, you think, yippee I’ve got this, but nooooo, not even close with the way things are now

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It is a lot harder. I used to have 2 million coins on average. Now I have lost my vast fortune twice. I have to build it up once again. We don’t win volcanoes, wild cards are few and far between. It seems they are working against us.It really does get to be a chore not a game

What are the odds of this four of same card different suit happens all the time now shady

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Most definetly this game is not as enjoyable as it use to be, I think they think if they keep adding things like extra quests the Roku thing that they are compensating for not allowing you to win things, even those games are hard to win, come on tripeaks stop being so dam stingy

While this game is frustrating as all get-out, I keep coming back to it. There are a LOT of things that GSN could do to make playing much more enjoyable. All its staff has to do is READ the comments posted in the forums and actually ACT!!

When I first started playing, I got to Island five rather quickly. My plan was to continue to advance, until a friend suggested that I stop and begin a new account (different device) - keeping it in the lower levels. I took his suggestion and am glad that I did!!! I’m in a Gold club and consistently in the top 5 players.

My three biggest gripes:

  1. The inability to see who has - and who hasn’t - completed the Club Quests.
  2. The frequency of the Club Competitions - which I REFUSE to play, as they pull the focus and funds of club members, and do NOTHING to advance the club!
  3. How you are FORCED to sign up for Facebook in order to retrieve a lost account.

Unfortunately, TriPeaks is the only solitaire I’ve found that has clubs. Until the time that GSN cares enough to actually address the issues presented in these forums, I will continue with my love/hate relationship.

The games have got harder to win. With the coins it cost to play shouldn’t be that hard. They should set easy, medium, expert mode