Can’t receive free coins and boosters from the Facebook Fan page

When I go onto the Facebook page for this game it won’t allow me to collect free coins and boosters, it worked for a day and now it won’t.

@Jennifer_Huckabee when it says redirecting hit the 3 dots & share to yourself… it works that way

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Hi Jennifer,
Try again, sometimes it takes a few tries. Make sure your game is closed in the background. Best of luck :blush:


Thank you both, I’ll give it a try.


Try again … and then again … THIRD time is a charm! :smiley:


Still not working…contacted the help email, still not working and they only gave me 5000 coins for the issues! UGH!

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Is the fan page the same as the app page? When I would click on the fb link in messages and it would take me to the page and it said fan page but recently I noticed that it says app page now. So I was wondering if they are the same or different :thinking:

I have the same issue