Can’t open Tri peaks app

Have been trying to open Solitaire Tripeaks for a couple of hours & keep getting error message “Please wait.
“We’re loading your progress.
“If this takes a long time, there might be a networking problem.”
Offers “Restart” & “Retry” options but neither working. Everything else I’ve used is working. Have checked App Store to see if updates loading or recently loaded but nothing there. Advice would be appreciated.

Hi Wendy, are you playing on your cellphone or tablet? If you are on your cellphone, and using wi-fi, you can try turning wi-fi off, and log on using phone data (the game doesn’t use that much data if you are not watching ads).

If you are able to get on this way, you may need to reset your router.

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On a cellphone. Thanks for the advice , it worked a treat.

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YAY! I’m glad it worked!

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Thanks Cindy, appreciate the advice.