Can’t get pass wood rank

Need some help I can’t get pass wood rank if there any one that help with this very much appreciate it plus when on log into FB don’t know how to share coins,

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@Dkstar, I don’t know what wood rank is, but assume it is a level on the red star Leaderboard? You have to accumulate the number of red stars necessary to be above the promote line. You can use a red star booster to earn double red stars for each win that doesn’t already have red stars earned. The Leaderboard and red stars reset at 11 p.m. PST. If you promote to the next level in the Leaderboard, you enter a little more challenging one each time. It is a really fun facet of the game. I have gotten as high as Diamond! Good luck!

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I always play with an eye toward getting red stars. And, I try to always use a booster to double stars. If quest is to collect certain cards, not points, then I go to easier island and play all stations that have 0 or 1 stars. So, I am collecting say the club’s needed but, I am also getting red stars.