Can I bother you for advice?

So the cards are just too impossible for me to keep financially supporting this game. It’s no longer fun. I can not understand the management of this software company and what they hope to achieve by ruining this game.

But I have a club to worry about. Been buiding the team since 2017 and we are all so close. I refuse to motivate the team to win CQs and achieve the game’s goals when winning a hand has gotten near impossible. So sad.

If you were a leader of a Legend club, would you try to convince the members to quit the game? Would you just exit and say nothing? I don’t want to hurt my players… but obviously the game wants us to quit. Too many players? Just hate your customers? No clue.

Do I try to save the club or just walk away?

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I wouldn’t just up and leave without telling my team if I were in your situation, It’s sad that you are no longer enjoying the game, but if you chose to move on than you really should do what is in your best interest.
Legend club is a huge commitment, would moving down to a more relaxed level change your mind?
Perhaps just keeping your team and moving down to platinum. Our club is in platinum, weekly goals are set up to reach 6 perks and 7th only if it is 250k or less, we also added a bank week every 5 weeks to replenish boosters and coins.
Maybe cut your status down to platinum and see if you still want to stick around or not.
Good luck with whatever decision you choose!


There’s a lot of prestige but also pressure being in a Legend club. We often get players that drop down to us in Diamond because they want less pressure. First, I would recommend you consider reducing your investment and see what difference that makes in both your score and your enjoyment. How does the rest of the club feel? Trying to convince the players to quit the game (in boycott?) would have no impact on the company. For me, I enjoy playing the game and I really enjoy interacting with the others in my club but I balance it with the real world. Sometimes even the leaders need a break so hopefully you have active co-leaders.


I concur. You’re a 200k a player but even the top clubs “only” require 120k minimums. Try varying your play, meaning you don’t have to always be a consistent 200k a week player every single week. I average around 80k a week, but it oscillates, 55k weeks (club min 35k) followed by 100k+ weeks. So the 55k weeks is where I reduce my use of buy mores, accumulate coins and bank boosters for my 100k weeks.

And let’s be honest, try seeing how good of a player (meaning efficient) you really are by not spending any money 1 week. You may realize that your money spending is hiding flaws in your game (both psychological and technical).


I totally agree with everything you say!


I score 200k because I am the club leader and I serve my club. I cool the volcano and allow my players to chase Red Stars.We were 6th in Red Stars last week which gives my players more loot to continue to advance in their personal goals. #TheFamily. As a leader I feel you must serve your club. Including screaming about the injustices of the game’s creator.

I will not ask my club to leave the game. But as their leader if I find a game as compelling and… yeah… and fun, they will follow me out the door.

bwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That was funny.

Unless you are going to sit on some obscure expert level flinging volcanos, you have to be really good at this game to score 250k a week… especially when all you play is tribs. Time wise, you can’t do it unless you can score the perfect game. (Unless you only have Tiki Beaches opened. Seas is where club points go to die)

Good or have a lot of time? I am not questioning your ability per se but am just curious. How many hours you do play per week, on average, to score your 200k/250k points?

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@skycross, I have played on a team that’s only goal was to advance. It was fun for a while, but the leader got so focused on winning, she forgot about the people with lives and having fun. I’m am super competitive, but I was getting burned out. The past year I’ve been on a team that gets all of the regular perks and mostly gets the special perk. We chat and tease each other. I still chase the red stars. We have fun! We are usually in Platinum, but drop down to gold every 5-6 weeks when we do our bank week. I didn’t know that the club quests are easier at the lower levels until I was on this team. That’s been nice change.

How about sharing with your team what you’re feeling? It is completely ok to explore other teams if they don’t want to reduce play or lower limits. Maybe you all could collectively agree to try a bank week? Even on Bank week, we still get perks 1-5. Your team sounds like they’d likely get all 6. Some on the team still want to play, which is awesome for the rest. I personally have over 56M coins, so don’t need it for the coins. I usually still play for my team to collect perks at the end. Just a thought…

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Have you tried talking this over with the members? Or finding a new game and invite them to join you. I’m thinking of doing that. A lot of our team members are fed up.

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We are speaking about it openly. Most of the club members who were spending money are going to leave the game. About to lose so many friends. It really is quite sad.

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