Can do 20,000 a week

I can get 20,000 each week, mostly from tributes. Looking for a club where everyone contributes


Hello Caudia_Marchiony im the leader of UnoPlayers. We would surely like to have you join us. We require 3000 per day 10 tributes n do club quest. 24 hr idle without chatting to let us know n ud b removed. If u feel u can do this we’d love to have you!!:wink:

Welcome to the community as well!!

I can do that and would like to join tomorrow. Do you send me a request or do I just find you?

Do you get all the perks every week?

Beach Lovers would love to have you join us! We are public.

Yes we get 4 chests n needing good players to help finish up on the 5 th. We r 2nd place n moving up a league.

Look us up and send request n ill pick u up. Try us for a tournament n if u r not happy no hard feelings. Alot of women n club n we chat daily!!

Hey we needing few players we platium league but in gold this week as few players was off this week if can hit around 20 to 30 k a week and always get tributes send request over to sonnynkelly

What is the club name?

Sonnynkelly that’s club name I saw your request accepted but as not come through send again please

Caudia_Marchiony…did u find a club that suited u? If not…I still would like u to join UnoPlayers!!:wink:

Come join the turn up team - great leaders and team who cares

A Shore Thing is looking for a player like you!!

Pacific dreamer is looking for a couple of players.

Yes, I did find a team, thanks

Great Caudia_Marchiony!! Perk on matey!!:grin:

If that club dont work out we would love to have you or anyone that likes to play as a club team member . So many dont want to play just collect. We are public wharry#1 give us a try if you start looking again

We have a spot open in KillMAll feel free to join us. You are the kind of player we are looking for. We currently get 5 perks a week and want perk 6 to be one of them and are hoping our efforts will produce 6 perks by the end of the holidays. We ask for a notice if you will be gone over 48 hrs. Life happens!

We get all 6 chests and frequently the extra chest . We are Mom’s Clubhouse . Search us and you can add yourself. We would love you to join our group . We had a couple ladies leave because of family illnesses so unfortunately we have a couple spots open.