Can a player Not have a name?!

thought it was kinda fishy

I got an invite from a club today that had 2 of these no-name players. I had never seen that before. And I don’t want to pay 1,000 coins to see it it works. I just can’t figure out why you would not want a name?? Weird!


I was thinking that people who connected via Facebook, then revoked their Facebook access…but I don’t think that is accurate, bc the default is “Guest”. I don’t blame you one iota


I have see it in the red star boosters, thought it was odd!


I think I figured this one out! I had a member join my club, and chat said Onbar joined the club. When I looked at the members in the clubhouse, Onbar was not listed, but I had a new member with no name.

The letters in chat didn’t look like normal English letters, so I think his/her name in the game must have been entered in a different language.

I’m guessing Tripeaks was able to set up chat to read other languages, but the name slot might still be having troubles with that.

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