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I live in the Milwaukee area and this week we lost a third police officer in 8 months. He was the 7th officer lost since January 1, 2019. Is there someway to have one of your double deals when you purchase club gifts and have percentage of sales go to a fund to aid the families of these fallen heroes. I also thought perhaps the same thing could be done the next month for families of fallen military. Maybe have a charity each month or every two months to give to. I know you do ‘Toys for Tots’ and have done breast cancer awareness. I always participate in these gifts because you give back to good charities. Thanks Peggy


That is such awful news! I absolutely love your idea, I took a scree8of your post and forwarded it to support also


I love this idea too, and followed @Tracy’s lead and also submitted the idea to support. Peggy (@155778), and anyone else who likes this idea, should also summit a ticket to player services with this suggestion, because I’m sure the more they see that people would support this idea, the more likely they will consider it. (I wouldn’t count on them seeing this post here though.)


I really like this idea. There is a national organization C.O.P.S Concerns of Police Survivors

Their mission: Rebuilding shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line-of-duty deaths.


Definitely send these in through the feedback option while you are on the game, click your profile picture, click help, than click still need help? Contact us, there you can place feed back and send this screenshot in


This is a fantastic idea and a wonderful way to give back. I would definitely participate in this.


This is a fantastic idea!! My Dad was a police officer, as a family member, I truly appreciate that you would think of this!


the 100 club is an amazing organization as well


Have you messaged one of the Moderators directly to request the contact info for the person/department that handles fundraising?

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I live in Milwaukee too.very sad