Booster misusage

How do I stop the game from automatically using boosters i gave bought for other levels?

OMgosh, I have not had that happen, and it’s not supposed to! The only time I’ve seen the game use a booster automatically is when you are new, they give you a free booster, and tell you to tap on it, and see what it does.

However, there is a new feature, where they tuck boosters on the table, and when you uncover them, they play - maybe that’s what’s happening?

If not, submit a trouble ticket - tap on your profile pic (top left corner) then Help, then Contact us.

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I have accidentally hit a booster card when playing a level and I have already cleared the booster on the level …the booster card is now marked but not used so it carries over to the next game u play with that booster in it…
Is this a possibility to what is happening??..if not and it’s not what Cindy suggested yes by all means submit a ticket-best of luck!


I noticed that too @Tasha. I have hit a booster I no longer needed in that game sooooo many times! Ugh. At least it carries over!