Bonus for watching videos re pic reward is not working

Usually get to watch videos and pick rewards then on 5th video you get a wild card, right now did it once and it says I am done!

This happening to anyone else?


I also had this issue, close the game and reopen. It’s a pain, but it allowed me to watch all my videos

Done that don’t work for me

For some reason the last 3 days Even though it is ready to let you watch videos again it will let me watch 1 maybe then either it will give me a prize or not but it is constantly saying that not available for the mo4ment I feel cheated a little.??? Are any other members having this issue??

Yes, got my morning perks, but after that, only 1 more. :frowning:

YES its6been happening to me the past 3-4 days. Then I’ll try in the e evenings and will get maybe one or two more.

Mine was wonky for a week and has been working the last 3 days. It should be fixed soon


Me too and sometimes when i postpone gift quest then i can’t take it

Same with and other members in our club. I’m getting to the wild card but non after that, others aren’t even getting to the wild card.