Block leacher from a club

Why cant we block ppl from our club that pop in every day to just collect the daily gifts? Dont want to put the club on invite only because then it makes harder for potential players to join. We have atleast 3 ppl who pop in every day just to get free stuff and then they leave.

Emma sweetie, the only way is to put your club on invite only, if not then your pop ins will keep popping in, just one of those things to put up with on public status

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Best idea, ignore them. Doesn’t cost you anything. At all. What are they getting? A few coins? Maybe go invite only on Thursday if you want to stop them from collecting weekly rewards. Or, if you just randomly go invite only, they might take you off their list of open clubs.
Remember, it’s a game. They’re playing some other game. From one 80 year old Emma to another much younger Emma!


Exactly, what are they really getting from a daily collect? Not much unless you have all 6-7 perks completed and if you did,you would be set to Invite only. Public teams have to put up with all sorts of crap.
If its all so horrible then go private. Don’t stress the stupid stuff :scream: