Block Club Comp Leaches!!!

Club Leaders should be able to ‘Block’ members that show a pattern of behaviour where they join the Club comp, make no effort to win any of the games. or worse, they don’t participate at all. If they do its only 1 or 2 games. Most of the time they qualify with ZERO shovels…and end with ZERO shovels used. Ie: They qualify for 3k coins, no boosters, no extra cards - and leach / reap the rewards earned by other members.
Each CC - I’ll have 15 - 19 members qualify. 7 to 8 if them finish with 0 to 3 shovels used. We almost always get 1st place only because 5 members play to win 24 shovels. But thats expensive. Why should those 8 players get 700 gems for sitting on the bench?
YES, I know what ur thinking, Remove them??? However, these players are usually our highest CP earners. Maybe, they believe they’re entitled to leach coz of their high CP scores.

There should be an option to block them from the Club Comps.


Agree that it is annoying, but blocking might just make them leave. I would like to see TriPeaks make it like the CQs so if you don’t play, there is no pay OR maybe restrict the reward to just 10% for those who qualify but don’t play. It doesn’t help for those who only get one or two shovels but it would sort out those who have no intention of helping the team.

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Agreed! I have had awesome players defect the club because of this competition. Ultimately the rewards are not worth the aggravation! Stop the game or fix it. I cannot afford to lose good players! I feel like I’m constantly rebuilding my club. It sucks!!

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