Bingo Not Counting Cards

Is anyone else having this issue?? I needed a 3 to get bingo. I won a total of FOUR new levels where the last card was a 3 and it did not mark it on the board. Instead it added it to the “Free Stamp” meter. The 4th game earned that stamp and it gave me a 3 for the bingo. I contacted support via chat and the automated thing said the issue would be looked into.

I switched to my other account and the same thing is happening. If I get the right cards for a Bingo but have only played 2 or 3 hands, it doesn’t count the cards even though they are the right ones. Once I hit 7 or 8 games won, it finally gives me credit correctly.

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How do you switch accounts? I can’t log into my previous account. Sorry to change subjects. Just wondering. And did your bingo game last all day?

As long as both accounts are linked, for example 2 separate Facebook accounts. You would log put of your current Facebook account, while on the game, tap your profile picture, tap accounts, tap sign out.
Open Facebook and log into the 2nd account
Open your game, tap your profile picture, tap accounts and select sign in.
You’ll get a notification that another account has been detected… and the pop up load account, select that, and your 2nd account will be up.


Thank you for helping

Yep! I just had the same thing happen so I went to Forums to see if anyone else was having the same issue. My last card was the Queen & it didn’t give me credit on the Q spot. No wonder several others were complaining about the BINGO game & how it should be removed. Now I see why…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Bingo and card counting are about as different as solitaire and skydiving! No need to worry about keeping track of cards in bingo.

It’s all about pure luck and getting those sweet numbers called. Just grab your dauber, mark off those squares, and yell “BINGO!” when you get a winning pattern. solitaire might involve a little strategy, but bingo is all about good vibes and having fun. Relax, chat with your friends, and enjoy the game! Maybe you’ll even win a prize or two!