Best way to build up coins?

Hi guys, I’m fairly new to the game and am having a hard time banking any type of coinage! I basically start at 0 everyday and whatever I get from friends (60k) and from watching videos, I lose before the end of the night so I’m right back at square one.

Any tips would be appreciated!



Puff are you also following official Tripeaks Solitaire Page as they usually offer free coins at least every other day and have other fun stuff there too. I have started playing treasure shrine regularly because you can get free plays for the 2500 coins a chance or boosters. There only 2 slots that pay only 2000 coins if you land there you’re -500 coins. But if earn free plays your getting them at 2500 coin rather than paying 3000 coin to play most games. I used to only play the free play after congratulating winners 5 times until began thinking about it as a way to play games at a discount. Hope there is something here that may help you to stock up on coins. Good luck!


I’ve thought about the treasure shrine as well but haven’t taken the plunge but I can see how that would be profitable when you think about it. Thank you for the “push” in the right direction! :blush:


For me, the draw to the Treasure Shrine is the boosters! They can be expensive if you are just buying as you play. At 2500, they really are a bargain. Also, I won the million coins last year!


If you are not in a club, you need to get in one. Many of the coins you will get come from your club perks. Also, play the quests smart. If it’s 5,000 coins for getting 75 hearts for example. Play Tiki Island 1&2 over and over. Best bang for the buck.


This is not a referral link where I benefit, but if you have Android , there is Google Rewards. Every once in awhile they ask a few quick questions. Like no more than a minute of your time, and you get Google Play credit. It is not much, but I use it now and then to buy coins. Also, I check the Facebook page daily most days there are free coins. Make sure you are on FB on mobile. I find it works best if the app is closed and I let the coin link open the game. It really helped me out and first and still does. I also learned some tips and it helps to stay on top of changes. Don’t get discouraged! I will often go back quite a few levels if things are rough.

Download Google Opinion Rewards now:


I use the Google Opinion Rewards also. It is small change, but can add up. I spend it on gifts for my team, which in turn gives you coins back as a thank you from your teammates.


You are a kind soul! Right now I am elated to finally be on a team that clicks on the shop!


You know that you can go back in time to ALL the free coins that tripeaks has on their page. Sometimes you have to read all the way through to the end and sometimes it will tell you right away. It’s well worth the time. You ought to easily accumulate 100,000+


How far back can you go? I’ve gone back to February and it doesn’t work anymore.


A month is what I have found


Don’t ever pay for more cards. Your winnings will never offset the cost. It’s better to just play the game over again. Also, use the Undo button minimally. As with buying more cards, you will never recoup the cost.
Play your Quests on the lowest levels possible.
Save your boosters for Tribute games.
Don’t bother trying to progress to the next island. Tribute games (which yield higher payouts) are much easier on lower levels.
I’ve started from scratch with this game several times and learned a lot in the process. My latest profile is only 12 days old and I already have banked 1.5 million coins. I usually contribute about 10k points a day. Just unlocked Totem Isle and I won’t progress anymore, unless there’s double Poi.


Hi Crystal,
How do you restart? If I uninstall and reinstall it keeps taking me back to the old account. Even if I don’t use facebook. I advanced and would prefer to just do the first island.
Thank you.


Are you only able to use this on Android? Not iphones?


I’ve created a Facebook profile just for the game. Delete app, reinstall it. Log into the game with new FB profile info


I use iPhone and an iPad


How did you start from scratch and will it kick me out of the room I’m in if I do.


I created a new FB profile, then uninstalled and reinstalled game app. Open app, then link it to new FB account. You will be like a brand new player. You won’t even be able to join a group until you finish the first island (maybe sooner, can’t remember). Also remember lots of clubs have a minimum level unlocked requirement. Your best bet is to contact the team leader and if they’ll make an exception prior to doing it. Or, just join an easy group for a couple weeks to get yourself caught up on levels and bank some coins. It is an arduous process and not for the faint. :slight_smile:


Ugh! Sounds like a lot of work! Lol…I worked too hard to get where I’m at…Hahaha!


I went back to the first week of April. When I clicked on one that I had already received it gave me the message that I had received them already. But when I clicked on the ones from the first part of April, nothing happened.