Best Team Ever :D

Our Motto: We are a family! Have fun & check chat. Perk order 1,2,6,3,5,4 .
These are our only requirements… (Copied from our notes)
FYI: WE ARE ALL ABOUT FAMILY AROUND HERE! Your family comes first! Also, we are our own dysfunctional family :wink: . All that to say, we don’t have many rules around here. If you are going to be gone 24-48 hours or more, please let us know!
Please don’t just stick around to collect coins and perks, but we understand that is all you can do from time to time (Within reason)!
I also provide my personal email address to our members if they want to contact me at any time!!
Copy Team name from topic because it won’t let me type that smilie without turning it into a emoticon! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi there! I love to play daily earning tributes and points. Liking your moto of family. Thanks for considering me :slight_smile: