Benefits for rankings

I noticed a change this week in the “Top Clubs Duel” section of the game. Last week it was 25-100 receive 500 gems, this week it has dropped to 16-100. Other than gems, do lower ranking clubs receive better rewards in chests? Is it worth shooting for top 25, or do you receive the same for being top 75?

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Seems to me they have cut back the chances for players to win. As cutting back on rewards has been the trend I feel that this is more of the same. Lower teams earn the amounts listed when tap chest after completing perk. I’m guessing that is what is rewarded to all. We could compare with screenshots if you like.

What are you referring to as auto play. Sounds most interesting, wish I understood.

@Lin_Beaulieu are you suggesting screenshots of the rewards given at the end of the week (Thursday night)? What is your clubs ranking? Also, I didn’t mention anything about auto play so perhaps who meant to post your question regarding that, somewhere else?

The ranking for gems changes from week to week. It is not static!

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Wild Dragons currently around 700, building team. The reply section seems to jump around as I’m typing and I have sent a few messages to

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wrong persons. Apologies for that. Somewhere someone was talking about medallion games, never heard of them beg and they were also saying something about auto play . Now I hunt to try and find again. HaHaha it’s when I try to edit my post before posting as above beg should be before but to try and correct it wants to abandon or keep and then the mix up follows I believe. Thank you for responding.