Being kicked from multiple clubs as soon as accepted

Hi is there glitches causing you to get kicked out of a club as soon as being accepted

When you join a club, make sure you follow rules. When you see the 3 dots to the right of the screen [see 1st screenshot below] make sure to hit the orange tab with the white arrow and the “Club Notes” and “Chat board” [see below 2nd screenshot] will pop up. Read over the rule and agree and acknowledge you read it if required.

3 dots to the right [message is there] hit orange tab

Club Notes left side] Chat Board [right side]


If you feel there is a glitch, you can contact support via the game through MENU [top left], HELP, Contact Us or send them an email at:


I agree @Colibri, I think most people are removed because they don’t know how to find club chat & club notes. Thank you!


I know how to read the notes, but they are literally be cancelled before one day is up! Thanks for help I will try support.

Welcome to the forum @Grands, hopefully you can join a great club and enjoy the game.


You say you read the notes… did you also write a message in the chat to let the club leader know you read the notes?


@Shae_Simpson, that’s a good question! There’s no way for the leader to know if someone “reads” chat.

I put this in club in club notes.

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Thank you for the info.

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