Being able to give gifts to friends

Hello, I have been playing this game for a little while and I wanted to share an idea. You can buy coins and packs for yourself and you can buy club chests for your club, but you can’t gift anything to a specific player and I wish that was an available option. I often hear some players in my clan say that they ran out of coins and I really wish I could gift them some, but I can’t! I know club chests are an option, but it can only do so much and last for so many games. I am not even asking for players to be able to give coins from their balance to the other players balance because it could be abused, I am only asking for players to be able to buy gifts for other club members directly. I think it would be very cool and I would really like to able to make some of my club mates happy by doing that!


We have all wished the very same thing. Maybe some day our wish will come true.
You are a kind :heart:


That’s a good idea. Some players in my club have that issue, including me. It’d be cool if we could help each other individually.


It’s really nice to know there are other people too that want the same thing! You are very sweet! Thank you Rhonda :heart:


Agree 100%

Since this top 3 players getting a crown rip off,we were promised occasional rewards for them by gsn they have done nothing in the form of rewards or chest in all the months it has been going.
I would love to reward my top 3 players


I think that is a awesome suggestion and should be allowed!

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I would like this but also available by sharing from my coin balance

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I always give my Co-leaders Play Store Gift Cards at Christmas. This would be a great way of gifting them & eliminate the steps of purchasing a gift email card!

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