Being able to collect more then 20 friends

Should really change the limit on friends u can collect from! I have 75 k sitting in my inbox everyday because I can’t collect all, seems like this is to screw players and make them spend, sounds just like scopely on the walking dead road to survival game… This seems like it isn’t for the players rather just want our money smh.


Yes I agree and or it doesn’t tell us exactly what happens with our coins I feel I should tell us total number of people who help and then when we tap just subtract that 20 from it cause I’ve had in a box 16 people helped have to tap on it then the next box immediately pops up with I have 24 that has helped have to tap that to get my 4 more so where did the other 20 from box go and why did I only have 16 in first box when had that and other box waiting don’t make a lot of sense just put all in one box n subtract cause if I had 200 in my box Guess what I pro ally won’t ask for a day or so until I clean it out some will pro ally free up servers some also

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I do think they should do something divide int divisions or something like they do the read stars board maybe simular to that but instead of 100 maybe 500 clubs or something I’m not sure on total number of clubs there are so but 3 or 4 categories

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I agree! Need to b able to collect from more than 20 friends a day! And u loose their help when the new day begins. I should have a few million coins already but nope!