Become a’ll never look back!

Khaleesi MOD is looking for 3 new quality Dragons to join our den. We are a very friendly and supportive group. 30K per week (but raising minimums from our Summer 30K to 35K 9/1 then to 40K by the end of Sept) 15 hr idle minimum. We finish Perk 1,2 & 6 by Sat and the rest by Sun. We always get Perk 7 done as well. If you are looking for a drama free and fun club and are willing to play on a daily basis, send us a request. You must currently be in a club so we can look at your stats. Must speak English, must chat. Must complete at least 3/4 of quests (sometimes life gets in the way) We are a solid Diamond team. That looks like a lot of rules…but they’re not hard to meet. Come join us! Become a Dragon…you’ll never look back!!! We are always laughing and having a great time in the dragon den!