Beauty & Beast needs some new team mates

“Beauty & Beast” in gold needs several new members… weve had a rough go lately trying to build up from members departing unexpectedly and needing to remove people who werent helping the team. We go back and forth between gold/platinum. Not highly competitive but would love to get back to getting all regular perks complete. Looking for consistent, daily playing team mates who will follow guidelines, stick with us through the ups and downs and help us get back on track. Really easy going leadership who are open to suggestions, and a no drama team. All I ask for is a heads up if you’ll be less active or if your points will be temporarily lower.

-follow/use chat
-20k weekly min (hope for 10 by monday)
-notice for idles +30 hrs
-max club quests
-follow perk order (which is usually 123645)