Beauty & Beast needs 5 new members

Did a bit of an overhaul of members who had stopped following our club guidelines. We are currently in platinum, but have been alternating between platinum and gold week to week lately due to low activity from members. We end up top 3 in gold every other week though so the gem rewards are nice. Up until the last month or so we always got perks 1-6 done, but low activity has made us unable to finish perk 5 lately so we need some new strong players to join our team and be patient while helping us build back up to where I know we’re capable of being :slight_smile:

-New joins 1k before first idle
-25k per week minimum (prefer at least 7k by sunday) we suggest 3500 pts per day
-max on each club quest
-maximum idle 24 hrs w/o notice.
-simple heads up is all I ask for lower weekly pts or excess idles

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Still need 3 :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Kimba. I’m looking for a team that works together. Helps each other and talks with each other. I hope I’m what you’re looking for.