Beauty & Beast looking for 3 members

We are pretty easy going when it comes to our club requirements, so long as you communicate with us. We understand that life happens, and this is just a game. We get perks 1-6 every event, we have gotten 7 once. We are in the platinum league.
Perk Order: 1-6-3-5-4-2
NEW MBRS 1k/idle
24hrs max idle w/o notice
CP min: 7k/sun, 25k/Thurs
Max on CQs
Help w/ perks in set order by leaders
Use chat for quest status & info from leaders

Plz follow guidelines 2 avoid removal

Send me an email,, if you’re interested or look us up in the “discover clubs” tab in the club house and join. We are a public group right now because we just lost 2 of our top scoring members randomly today without a word and need to fill in slots.