Beach Life requires casual playrrs

Beach Life would welcome players who just want to play for fun no chatting required just contribute on a weekly basis to team events

This sounds like the kind of club a lot of people would join. This is what I thought I was joining at first than quickly changed. Players take it too seriously and causes tension between teammates. I just want to have fun. I never wanted to pay to play but now I’m spending way too much money. I’d love to play on a team like yours. The hard part is leaving my team. I feel close to some of them so what do I do? Sorry for rambling on but I will remember your team name and maybe we can come together real soon. Good luck to you and your team. :slight_smile:

Thanks I feel the same I could have easily joined another team but don’t want to feel pressured into playing and I feel invested in the team I am already in just want to progress on our own not jump up the league by changing teams