Beach Bound looking for a few new players!

Weekly Gold league, gift boxes, and super laid back!!

*no “guest” names
*At least 60 tribs a week
*Complete daily CQ
*Unlock free club gift
*No more than 3 days idle without chat
*If qualify for comp, must dig.

Public team so no need for invite, just join if space is still available!

Could you please let me know if you are still looking for a new member for your team as I am interested. My team is barely doing anything at all just a joke to be honest. I am sort of new to this so not fully aware of all the tips and tricks but I don’t mind playing at all. Please reply to my message even if your not looking now just so I know. Thanks

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Hi Jonjo! Yes we are, Come join us, we’d live to have you!

Is that invitation still on the table

Yes, at any point when you see this it is :slight_smile:

What is your club called and what league are you in. Could you send me an invite please jen. Thanks