Be a friend and join Friende

Unfortunately we had to remove a player for being idle all week! We are very easygoing-just ask that you get at least 7000 points a week, find tributes and follow perk order. We have a great group that usually gets all 6 perks

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Hi Robin,
I am interested in joining your club. I can easily do the 7k. I am a strong player with a healthy balance but just too busy with obligations to play much more. Will help with club quests.
Would love to start tomorrow.

We have upped our minimum to 10,000. Do you think you can make that?

Looking to join another club. I finish my quests but can’t get help to complete to get reward. I work hard at finishing my end.

Are you still looking for a new team? We just had a member leave because of her work schedule.

Yes I am, do you have any set points for your members? I do what I can and try hard to take care of my end.

Our rules get 10,000 club points a week, do your part in club quests, and participate in chat