Baileys bash stuck on win new level mission

I have a mission on the baileys bash quest which is a similar event to roku or Pele. The mission is win 4 new games the problem is I have completed every single level on the game even expert so have no new levels to do. I dont usually get this win new levels quest so I think they messed up.

Even if I press go on the event it takes me to the last level which I have already completed. I completed it again to test if it would count and it doesnt.

Anyone know a way round this??

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That is very impressive that you have ALLlevels +all expert levels completed :clap:t2:
I’m not sure there is a way around it :frowning:
I would suggest sending a feedback ticket to let them know it’s impossible I’m sure there are others with this same issue.
Iv slowed down my advancement in game due to some of these new events, so I have not run into this issue,
Congrats on your advancement and good day🙂

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I put in a ticket for the exact same issue Tony. Not sure what they’ll say, but I’m in the same boat as you.

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I am having a similar issue, I still have the experts but I won two and they didn’t register for the final chest, annoyed.

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Yeah its bs hasn’t happened on roko or pele when other team members had quest to win new games I got just win any game

Purtroppo non so come fare ad aggirare questo ostacolo ho il tuo stesso problema anche io ho finito tutti i livelli e anche quelli degli esperti e quindi non posso finire la missione

I have not got the chest I passed the win 4 NEW games and the end event for the 1st day was win3 NEW GAMES…for a totally of 7 NEW games I’m not sure this event pays as much as I put out…
I’m not finishing it☹️

I just completed the last stage, won first 3 levels of Tiki Sies in a row by spending the coins to do it. They were new levels to me. I only got credit for 1 of 3, How do you submit a support ticket?

Click on menu in top left, then click help in the box that comes up

Ditto and ditto. Waiting for my chest

Just got given an ancient chest in my messages in compensation so check your message tab

Same thing happened to me. They gave me a gold chest as compensation. Sick of their BS…

A lot of players are complaining about this. You didn’t miss much the chest gave 1 wildcard 2 free plays 2 other boosters and 10k coins. It takes way more than that to complete the quest. Same players are saying it’s not worth it because of the new game request.

I got a rely to my support ticket saying they sent me an ancient chest, but I never got it. :angry: The next response I expect is “Our records show that you got it.”

Speaking of Bailey’s Bash… I completed all the challenges, but when it came to the last, it was win 3 New Games in a row, I completed 7, plus 3 in the Advance Challenges (Ships in the water) I sent a email, took 2 days for a reply, was told that a Chest was sent to me… NVR NVR received anything… I’m the leader of Sisterville…

Win 3 new games, not to mention 3 new games in a row? That’s a crock, as well as the scavenger hunts. I refuse to play them. Reward not worth the cost and frustration.

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Same happened to me. I played Expert levels because I was at the end of the regular levels with nowhere to go. Played 2 in a row and won, but the total went to zero. I put in a complaint to support and they said they will send a chest to compensate. Didn’t get it. Sent another request for help. 2 days later got email saying they checked my account activity and saw nothing wrong. So back to calling me a liar and not offering any support at all. Frustrating and irritating :angry:


Gerri I got that same run around. Not going to do this anymore if they don’t award me what I’ve earned

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Tracy same thing here. I am on my 5th email with them because I don’t give up without a fight. And I’ll leave this game if I don’t get the chest I’ve earned.


I also refuse to play the Scavenger Hunt!! And… the price of boosters are now outrageous, I received a 2nd reply about the Baily’s Bash, NOW it says that I “didn’t qualify” what a crock 🤦🤦