B and B looking for new members

B and B are a fun and friendly club , looking for new members who use chat and enjoy being a part of a successful club. Do look in and say hello !

Hi, I’m newbie to the game. I’ve been playing for about a week but I’m hooked. I’m a daily player, I’m on level 124. I’m in a club now but doesn’t seem like anybody does anything. I’d like to find a club that’s fun, chats & works together. But please remember I’m still learning the game - big reason I’m here! Suz

Hi, We would love to welcome you into our club, there is always something going on ! Please come and join us, B and B

Hi Suz. We would love to welcome you to our club, it’s called B and B and we are in the gold league. There is always someone around to answer any questions in the chat. Please come along and say Hi xx

I need a new club TODAY 2/18/22. I love to chat. I earn around 15,000 cp each week. I finish cqs, get tribs and red stars. I always click on the club gift. I love to chat and have fun. I do not like to play with ‘guests’. Also do not like dictators but love to finish perks.

Checked out your club. No room.

Sorry about that x. We will soon have a vacancy if you are still interested xx