Hi leaders, co-leaders and members! I’m a former co-leader of a diamond league team. I don’t have the time to commit to a team full-time so I hop in and out of clubs helping with cqs when I’m available.

If your team is close to finishing a cq contact me here or send me a PM. Please tell me the name of your team, what the cq is, how much time is left and how many members are needed to finish.

Thanks The Quest Helper!


The resty place is looking for a few members . I understand your situation so if any time you would like to pop over for a bit- you’re welcome


Thanks Darlene!! When I have time I’ll hop in.


The Hedgehogs is a relatively new team and we have a mix of experienced and new players, can always use help if you are available, look for “Doris, Team Sharon” if you want to help us out :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks Sharon when I time I’ll check it out.

Hello my name is Teresa my club name is Oscar’s oasis. We need 19 to complete tributes quest for points doubler much to my disappointment many players don’t communicate we have 760 tributes to get 597 done 7 hrs 45 minutes 22 team members and can’t get 3 to communicate

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Sent a request to join

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Tyvm we’re down to 2 hrs and need 136 it’s 40 tributes and I thank you but we’ll need 4 player’s to max. I have 3 opening until Friday then I am hoping more good players I invited will be willing to come join our club.

Playing 4 Fun a platinum league is a new club and always has many spots open and always in need of help.
I’m Nicole NC (Use Chat). Anytime you would like to stop by and help that would be awesome. Completing cq seems to be something that eludes us. We are also currently busting butt to finish up 6. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

Thanks Nicole! When I have time I’ll be sure to check it out.

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If you happen to have a few minutes, we have 5 hours left to max a red star club quest. We need 18 to complete it. I have 19. But don’t want to fall short. Thanks a bunch and totally understand if you can’t.

Saved for future use. We are always “almost there”! It gets frustrating. So glad for helpers like you.

Sorry Nicole I just seen your post now. I hope you were able to complete the cq.

Let me know if your team needs help anytime Plainmnm5 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we missed it by 15 red stars. frowning. Hoping to get this next one. Thank you though!

We are always looking for help. Or a permanent stay. Either or.

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Oscar’s Oasis is in need of 3 helpers for the tributes quest points doubler and new ambitious players who chat. We have 6:47 hours left. Play tributes and daily also. If you are available to help we would be grateful

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JUSTICE LEAGUE (all caps) is always looking for help. We bounce between stone and gold league and have been earning 4 perks each week. Would love to get to 5. Have trouble getting members to use the chat.