At what level do you get the friendscenter

Ab welchem level bekommt man das friendscenter? Ein neues Clubmitglied ist bereits bei volcano beach. Aber es wird kein friendscenter angezeigt. Bin am verzweifeln

At what level do you get the friendscenter? A new club member is already at volcano beach. But no friendscenter is shown. I’m desperate

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Oh dear, I am thinking that your team mate is along the few that are testing without a friend center, there is a player on the forum that is beyond a week now, she emailed tech support and was told that she is among the testers. Tell your new player to join the fan page, and collect the free coins and boosters in the links on that page, I sure hope they change every one to coin sharing.


Wenn ich mich recht erinnere, kam meine am Ende des Volcano Beach.


Great ide!Team leaders should check each player’s readiness and allow them into the coin share after they reciprocal 21.

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Typo “reality h” level 21.

Typo again meant reach.

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