Are you the right person (player)?

Hey There! We are looking for the right people, at the right time!

Team #Awesomesauce took a break from recruitment and platinum league and are now ready and on a mission to return to our norm. We are temporarily gold league and look forward to welcoming those who may be awesome enough to become a part of our team! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Our new teammates are:

  • Able to play 20-45 min daily (at least).
  • Skilled players that aren’t dependent on bonuses or forced wins.
  • Against coin & cash waste.
  • True teammate, not a solo player.
  • 100% able & dedicated to playing all 5 tribute levels that load automatically, every time they load while being active.
  • Able to max quests and not ashamed to voice when back up is needed. Also, accepting of all quests and not afraid of a challenge.
  • Able to effortlessly achieve 3k+ points daily. (note: There will be more than minimal efforts given and we will only return to 5k daily requirement if it seems needed)
    If this sounds like you as a player, than this may be the club you’re looking for! We are a great fit for those with a busy lifestyle yet skilled players that love the game as a way to relax around it all!
    I lead the team through moral principles, especially compassion, mutual respect, and reciprocity. I have a “coach” vibe as the team leader and it includes helping everyone learn even stronger ways to play (earn more than spend), tips to play above the games coded strategies, etc. We are an all for one, one for all team and all I ask for is genuine best effort!
    Hope to see you soon!

(Note: not looking to merge)

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