Are you a friendly team players?

We are a club that keeps bouncing between gold and platinum leagues. We would like to stay in the platinum, so we are looking for players that are here every day but we are laid back and understand there is life outside of tripeaks. All we ask is that you pay attention and strive for the perks, club quests, free gifts, and tributes. We are friendly, laid back, supportive, and are what you want out of a team. If you want to chat and make friends we are here. If you don’t like chatting, as long as you read the chat and respond when necessary, that’s cool too. Come check us out. Take your coat off and stay awhile. You will have fun, I promise. Look us up -
Its Only A Game


Yes please I would like to be part of your team and I will join if you give me the chance. Twhanks