Are there spies From GSN?

Had a player join, no issues, she was great. Suddenly, she says she’s taking a break, yet she’s now on another team. Are there players who are actually monitors employed by GSN? Does anyone know?

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Not sure if there are any spies…it could be a player who just wants to go to another team or go back to the other team. You can check their profile on the team they went to [if in your friend list] and see what their total club point is in that club.


Well Y and Papta make there weekly entrance do nothing and leave I set my club to invite only because of those 2 or they are looking for a club to mooch off

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I don’t think there are spies. The GSN team can pull most data from the program. These are probably just players looking for a home base! But it would be cool to dress up as a tiki or poi and play spy games :joy::joy::joy: