App needed for game

Second player in a couple months to get a new phone and are told they cannot transfer game profile to the new phone, they have to start over. This is absurd. Back in the day you used to be able to play on multiple devices with the same profile (not at the same time). You need to have an app that will upload the user profile to your (sony) servers for at least a week and give the player a login and code to use to download the profile back to another device. It is rediculous to expect people to start over. What happened to the old facebook access as this doesn’t seem to help?

I just recently replaced my phone and was able to log into the game with my facebook account without a problem. I have all my stuff. Did you go to MENU on the game [top left] to log in?

If you are still having issues, you can contact support by going to MENU, HELP and then tap Contact Us.


That’s something I had not heard of, I can still play on my same account with multiple devices, should be as easy as signing into your Facebook and the game will recognize you


@Tracy, are you logging in using FB/Apple ID or both? I only use Android devices, but it does make me wonder if someone who switch to using an Android device, will they be able to log in on Apple device and vice versa?


@sam4115, are you (and they) absolutely sure they were logged in with either Facebook or Apple ID on their old device? If they still have their old device, they can still check. If for some reason, they find that they have been playing without being signed in, they can sign in on their old device to save their progress, then sign in on the new device and the old progress should be available.

Or, maybe Colibri is onto something here!

@Colibri, good question! For nearly 2 years (since April 2020), TriPeaks has been trying to find a way to allow Android users a way to log in using Apple ID. It’s not looking promising. All of my devices are Androids, and there is no option to log in using Apple ID… only Facebook. I believe Apple users have the option to sign in with either Facebook or Apple ID. (Maybe an Apple user can confirm or deny this please).

If that’s the case, you’ll be able to switch to from Android to Apple, and still sign in using your regular Facebook log in.

However, if you switch from Apple, using an Apple ID sign in, and you switch to an Android, you will not be given the option to sign in with Apple ID, and will be out of luck. Wow, that’s sad!

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@CindyLu, it would only make sense to also allow Android users the abilility to log in using Apple ID, especially since not everyone is comfortable creating/having a FB account. I believe @Tasha shared the below screen shot in another topic and it even has the option to delete account. It would be nice if we all had this option on all devices where we play the game.


I have changed phones and ipads. I have not had a problem as long as I am logged into facebook. That should be all you need to do. Then make sure the app is on your phone.

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Happened to me too. Got a new Android and i KNOW I was connected to Facebook with this game. Lost everything!!! Had to start from scratch and was NOT happy!!! This needs to be fixed!!