App is not cooperating

I don’t know what I’m doing here and I’m not sure where to go.
I just updated the app like an hour ago and now it won’t open. I’m worried that I’ll have to delete it and redownload it. But I’m technically a guest. So as soon as that happens I’ll have to start over from level 1.
Is anyone else having this problem where they can’t get into the app???

@Mii - if you take a look at the forum threads, there are MANY experiencing this issue. For myself & several others, just uninstalling & reinstalling the game worked like a charm when rebooting wasn’t enough. According to Tripeaks, as long as you do this on the same device, your account progress & earnings should all remain & be there as before (as your device is recognized by the game & tied to your profile). Give it a try, shouldn’t take long.