App has crashed in middle of game

I’ve had this game crash on me seven times in one day, in the middle of the gameplay


Hi @Hblanch, welcome to the Forum.
I have found clearing the cache and force stopping the app helps.


totally agree with you Rhonda. I play on my Kindle and I find that is what I have to do


As soon as it happens put a ticket in by clicking your profile picture and than help, select game crashing. And if you can include the island and level it will help


This has been my experience as well I have done all the things mentioned to troubleshoot in an effort to resolve the issues to no avail. I am totally convinced the game needs to be debugged!!!

I’ve been experiencing the same issues with such frequency that I’m almost at the point of giving up on this game altogether. It’s frustrating when you have almost finished a quest, then find the game utterly frozen or have it crash altogether and are unable to reopen it. I have 5 Kindle Fire tablets and have tried switching devices. Sometimes this works, but more often, I just have to give in and sacrifice my previous efforts. Sometimes I am able to reopen the game after an hour or so, but not always. For someone like me, who tends to pick up a tablet for a few minutes’ break throughout the day, it is frustrating not being able to access the game when I have the available time.

This has been going on for several months now. Getting old…my frustrations can’t take it much longer. Played game for fun and relaxation, but that’s not the case any more.