Anyone's ads not working?

Going on three days now, my ads say "sorry. Ads are not available. Try again in a bit. I just want them to work for the wild card! Anyone know what to do?

When it has happened to me in the past and rebooted my phone and close out of apps that are open hope that helps happy playing

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I actually had that issue last week, 4 days not 1 ad, it did correct itself for me at least!

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It just started working again!!! Thank goodness!


I recently started having a different problem with the ads. I don’t even get the Not Available message; the icon just jiggles. Rebooting does not help. It sometimes takes all day of trying to get the free wild card because when an ad does appear and watching it fills one square, clicking Watch Again results in the jiggling again-no ad. Anyone else having this problem?

The amount of goofs in this game are innumerable, while they spend their energies working on things like changing some of the buttons to a bright lime green or have the game tell you you got last card just before you hit it causing you to have to hit the card 3-4 times before it will play because of the stupid fireworks (idiotic). They seem to be more concerned about the look of the game than the actual game itself. Andy Warhol wanna-bes.

All I get is 6 ads per day

Mine has been down about a week gives a couple but not the last 2 or 3 no wild